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Gas Safety Certificate – Prices
Inspection Items Price (VAT Included)
Gas meter+Pipe work £60.00
Gas meter+Pipe work+ 1 Gas appliance (Boiler, Cooker or Fireplace) £70.00
Gas meter+Pipe work+ 2 Gas appliances (Boiler, Cooker or Fireplace) £80.00
Gas meter+Pipe work+ 3 Gas appliances (Boiler, Cooker & Fireplace) £90.00
Additional Services Price(VAT Included)
Boiler service & check‑up ( Less than 5 years old boilers) £90.00
Boiler service & check‑up ( Less than 10 years old boilers) £130.00
Boiler service & check‑up ( Over 10 years old boilers)  £180.00
CO alarm & detector (Battery Powered)- Supply & installation £60.00
CO alarm & detector (Mains powered)- Supply & installation £140.00

Note: Additional charges may apply depending on the property postcode and appointments urgency (e.g. Same day/Next day/Bank holidays/Sundays).

Gas Safety Inspection & Certification

Gas safety report is a Govt run program where all privately rented properties are inspected annually to certify them as “Gas Safe Property”. The Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 outline the landlord with three main legal responsibilities for renting a property: Gas safety check, record & maintenance. Landlord’s Responsibility: It is landlords legal duty to ensure that the property is checked annually for gas safety of the peroperty. It is unlawful to carry out a gas/gas appliance related job without a gas safe register engineer. See more details on https://www.gassaferegister.co.uk/.

Our Gas Safety Engineers are registered, experienced & expert in property inspection & certification. We also carry out a general safety checks and advise landlords for any safety concerns.

Note: Gas safety inspection & certification is NOT a repair or fault detection service.

Boiler service & check‑up   Boiler comes with several years warranty under some terms & conditions. One of them is annually boiler service. A regularly maintained boiler minimises the risk of breakdown and helps lengthen the lifespan same as a car service. A boiler is one of the most expensive home appliances to replace and can cause the most upset to everyday life. That’s why boiler need to be serviced every year without any second thought. It is recommended to do the service in summer so that you don’t suffer any breakdown in winter. Note: Boiler service is not a repair. If your boiler is not fully functional then you need a boiler repair before you call for a service.

“A boiler service is significantly cheaper than a boiler repair or replace.”

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We provide domestic safety certificates to the Landlords within London (M25). Our qualified, and trained engineers will carry out inspections in your property and issue certificate as fast as 24 hours.

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