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HMO License

How Govt defines an HMO property? When a property is let to at least 3 tenants who are not members of the same family, forming more than one household, it is called an HMO property. The term “household” means either a single person or members of the same family who live together. It could be married couple, living together or people in same-sex relationship. In an HMO properties toilet, bathroom or kitchen facility are mainly shared facility. HMOs is very popular among the landlords and some specific group of tenants due to the financial benefits. HMOs tenants are mostly students, young professionals and migrant workers who like to live economically in city areas.

Govt and local council’s concerns on HMOs.

This type of accomodation can be overcrowded as well as serious fire risk. The risks are far greater than a private accommodation. To have control & minimize the risk to the HMOs, Govt introduced licencing procedure. Local councils are made in charge to visit, monitor and issue licence to HMO properties.

Council visit to HMO properties

Relevant councils will carry out a Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS) risk assessment. And successful application with receive a 5 years licence. The council inspector might bring some unacceptable risks during the assessment. The landlord or the responsible person will need to carry out the remedial work to eliminate those risks.

Council requirement for HMO licence

A licence application more likely to be granted if the property is ‘fit for human habitation’ as well as can comply with below requirement. A licence application more likely to be granted if the property is ‘fit for human habitation’ as well as can comply with below requirement. 
1. Standard size room as per the regulation.
2. Fire safety measures are in place as per LACORS
3.  Supplied furniture need to meet fire resistance requirements 
4. The property is not overcrowded
5. There are adequate cooking and washing facilities
6. Communal and shared areas are kept clean & in good repair
7. There are appropriate refuse storage and disposal facilities
8. Certificates (up to date)
8.1. Gas safety certificate
8.2. Electric certificate      
8.3. Appliance testing certificate (PAT)     
8.4. EPC certificate     
8.5. Emergency lighting certificate      
8.6. Fire alarm certificate     
8.7. Fire risk assessment 

Note: Above requirements are common requirement by the councils. Please visit your council website, if there is any added requirement for your HMO application. Please enter your Postcode here to find your council.

“HMO tenants can contact directly to the council to report hazards”

HMO Bundle Price

HMO Bundle Price Individual Price (VAT Included) Bundle Price
Gas Safety Certificate (up to 2 Gas Appliances) £80.00 10% Discount
Electric Certificate (4/5 Bedroom House) £180.00 10% Discount
PAT £80.00 10% Discount
EPC Certificate (4-5 Bedrooms House) £90.00 10% Discount
Emergency Light Certification (up to 8 units) £130.00 10% Discount
Fire Alarm Certification (up to 8 units) £130.00 10% Discount
Fire Risk Assesment (4/5 Bedrooms House) £350.00 10% Discount
HMO Total Price (including VAT) £1,040.00 £936.00

Compliance Remedial Services

Let us prepare you,

If any othe above certificate does not meet council requirement, we are can assist to provide “complaince remedial service” and re-certify the property. And our re-certification is free of cost with complaince remedial services.

Our assurance,
If your property fail to comply with council requirement due to our remedial work/certification, we’ll take full responsibility and make all necessary afjustment to put your application back in track as soon as possible. There will be no additional charges for adjustment.

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We aim to build a great customer relation based on trust & sincerity. Our satisfacatory service will ensure that we’ll get calls from you.

“HMO properties need regular maintainance & monitoring to keep the licence valid”

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